Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Knitting Hats...Sort Of

Today I awoke to a beautiful sunny spring morning. Of all of the things I could have thought of; rather randomly, kintting came to mind. You see, I had a truly wonderful night's sleep last evening. After a full day of activity yesterday, finished off with a family walk/run/bike ride at one of our favorite bits of woods where we live...well, I slept like bricks! I'm not usually a "sleepin' in" kinda girl usually...but I could have been today! As I lay in bed this a.m., looking foward to another full day {+ hopefully another stellar night's sleep}, I suppose I began thinking of one of my other favorite night time rituals that I have been enjoying winding down with lately: knitting. A while back, when I had been feeling not-so-well, I put my time on the couch to good use; finally mastering the ever befuddling circular knitting needles! Oh, I had tried to figure them out before, but had put them aside several times in total frustration. Once I got the hang of it, I wondered why I had not been able to use them all along! First I knitted this little sprout looking green hat for my tiniest babe. It is not seamless...but lucky for me it didn't need to be for the look I was going for. Next, a white hat for me! Again, I didn't make it seamless {I really need to buy a pattern book to figure out how to finish off hats!}, but I have a plan to finish it off with a sewn knittied + coiled chain. I think it will be just amazing when it is done! The last time I posted about any of my knitting adventures, I mentioned this Milo vest pattern. The bottom of it was not all that different from the rolled bottoms of these hats I had made. So I started from the bottom up on what is to be a vest for the Fif. I have yet to actually purchase the pattern + at the moment, I'm toying with the idea of leaving the body knitt and sewing fabric sleeves + embellishments on later? So many choices


My semester teaching at the college is comming to an end for the year. While I still have stacks of papers read, finals to give + grades to submit; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have never looked foward to a summer break so much + am feeling completely smitten with all things relaxing + go with the flow...knitting being one of them! So until all of these loose ends are tied up at the college for the year, I thought I would share some of what I had been up to making earlier this spring...and what I am looking so foward to spending more time on during my summer vacation. Wishing you all things relaxing...sweet dreams...and a lovely Tuesday.



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