Monday, March 28, 2011

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb: Our March Family Vacation's not quite a family spring vacation.Vacation weeks at my Mister's job are picked based on seniority, with most "school + holiday vacations" being the hardest to get. More often than not, when he has a week of vacation it is business as usual for the rest of us { whatever house project we might have chosen to work on that season}. Ah, but not this vacation! No, friday night this mama came down with the headache/sore throat/nightsweats, which proceeded to get worse with each day. On day THREE of being couch bound with a most horrible sore throat, I finally agreed to go to the Dr.'s.

Strep Throat it is! And a most vicious case at that! I was so disappointed to not be able to attend the lecture by The Front Yard Farmer I had planned on attending this past Saturday...and I have been feeling super guilty about having my Mister outside transplanting bushes + preparing our own "front yard farm" {aka: this season's project} pretty much solo. However, I don't know if it is the pain medication I am currently taking or the aundance of carbs I've been allowing myself {...after sweating off about 6lbs in my sleep this weekend, bring on the home made bread baby!}, but I suddenly felt really centered this afternoon. The sun was very warm + bright on this rather cold March afternoon and as it poured in through what seemed like every window in our home, I felt so peaceful...grateful for this time I was forced to take to sit + do absolutely nothing...except for knit! The babe was napping, the older 2 kiddos were outside helping daddy with farm perparations + there was bread baking in the oven. Gosh, it really doesn't get much better than that!*************

Ofcourse, just seconds later, someone slammed a door, waking up said babe...and there was some yelling by daddy about dirt on the floor, the bread not comming out right...and something about a Nintendo DS not being played. Hey, nothing stays perfect forever...but I am ever so happy to have been present to recognize that little moment for just how wonderful it was. I thought, "how silly it is that it takes me being sick + in SO much pain to get me to just sit on the couch?" Many a "Stay-cation" have gone by, leaving me feeling less relaxed than before they started...but I think there has been a lesson learned for this mama. SLOW DOWN. {Sure, the bread + percocets really help with that...} However, I think fors, the expression "In like a Lion, out like a Lamb" applies better to the shift in our family's mental state of being this month than it does to the weather. I'm so happy with the direction this change in seasons is taking us... hoping you + yours are all healthy, safe + happy!



  1. oh, alison do feel better soon - painful throats are almost intolerable... glad you got to feel the sun beaming in on you in a moment of peace...

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