Thursday, March 24, 2011

knitting away

Last week I read this post on this lovely blog which I so enjoy. I was instantly inspired! A seamless knitted garment completed; "well, I'll be..." is right! Similarly {that's ok, right?} to the mama who completed said seamless garment, I also taught myself to knit, in a round about sort of way. However, at present, I only know how to purl + I have never acutally tried to follow a pattern or anything along those lines. After reading though, I went to dig out my bag of knitting supplies from the back of a closet where I had shoved them many months ago.

{said knitting bag + kitting in progress...likey to be an embellished spring cape for the Fif}
As I began to purl away, I was instantly reminded of why it was that I so enjoyed knitting row after row. And so for each night since then, while my family sat close by watching a movie or reading, I have knitted, feeling both calm + productive; states of being which are very odd bedfellows indeed! While I think there is a very important place for the kind of {ahem, semi-mindless? No, meditative!} knitting I currently do, I am none the less inspired to try a real project. I've had to get myself jazzed for the idea of knitting with more attention + intention than I have needed in the past. But what a wonderful achievement it would be for me, to complete a knitting pattern!

{Milo Vest, courtesy of }
So with that, I am on a quest for a simple beginners pattern. It may very well be this exact vest that I saw in completion... {even without including the cable, Erin did a great job + I appreciated the advice on the sizing/ length aswell!} However if anyone has any resources for a great beginner project, I would be ever so happy for you to be passed my way! Perhaps a child's garment...something small? I'm not in a rush either...infact I think there will be some more self-pep-talking happening before I actually begin my knitting project. Yes, atleast until I've finished teaching for the semester I'm sure!


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  1. hi there. knitting is beautiful, so much like yoga dont you think? a yoga you can do while everyone is around you not being quiet. thank you for the apples link. i went and loved. ive seen this milo vest before, it keeps coming back to me. i think its a sign.....x


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