Monday, January 17, 2011

An Easy- Peasy Knitting Project

Years ago, when the Monks was just a baby, I signed up for one of those "Learn to Knit" workshops at the local craft store with a friend of mine. I hadn't realized at the time, that knitting was becomming the cool thing to do amongst young women...I went to one class and pretty much lost interest. However a few years ago now, when I discovered the world of blogging {and was suffering from a moderate- severe case of Soulemama envy}, I suddenly had a desire to knitt something! I had spent most of my childhood watching my grandmother knitt or crochet; and so between that exposure + whatever I retained from that one knitting class years earlier, I got straight to work. I figured out how to purl...and so purl I did. I had no idea what I was making, I just purled one row after the next. I really came to enjoy knitting, especially while doing things I kind of consider to be a waste of time, like watching TV. Knitting is not as solitary as reading + so I can easily transition between knitting and participating with my family.

But still, I wanted to turn my limited {albeit very neat} purl stitches into something useful! And so I made these little neckers! The first one I made for myself, but the wool itched me + so my Mister, who for some strange reason LOVES to wear wool, claimed it for his own. I moved on to knitting with organic cotton + made a couple smaller neckers for my littles which I liked much better than the idea of them wearing scarves. {my mum turned me into a bit of a neurotic when it comes to anything that can be considered "rope like" being anywhere near a child's neck.} Once you have finished off your strip of knitting and have sewn it into a circle, there are so many fun things you can do to embellish it; from simple sewn fabric, even more fanciful items, like this felt flower button I picked up.

So while this post is slightly embarrassing when considering many of you who read this actually know how to knitt real things...well, I figured it was a step in the right direction! Sometimes all you need is a little success with something to then move onto a more challenging project, don't you agree? And speaking of challenging...this mama is headed back to work, as the Spring semester at the college begins this week. I'm sorry in advance for having fewer post over the next couple weeks, but it's only for a little bit until I get back into the swing of things!

Happy Knitting...and much more importantly, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!



  1. oooo I love these! The flowers add the perfect touch! I've always wanted to knit, but am scared to try for some reason! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "Soule-Mama envy"...I totally have this from time to time! Your knitting looks great; I especially like the embellishments.

  3. i love these - and there is nothing to be embarrassed about! i am so impressed by your constant ability to improvise and create beauty... i love the neck wraps as well - not because i worry about the safety of scarves :0) but because they stay on nice and warm... by the way, i love the felt flower...

  4. Oh, sweetie, that's why I don't either Soulemama or the Pioneer Woman... no one else's lives are really like that.

    and I LOVE your creations! Don't downplay them for a second, they are really cute and you put time and love into creating them. I don't knit {I don't want to learn} but I do crochet and loom knit on occasion and I bet I could make something like those with either one. :)

  5. ... don't read either ...

    looks like I left out a word there. that happens when I'm typing on the iTouch.


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