Friday, January 14, 2011

Raindrops on Roses + Wiskers on Kittens

Between the snow after the holidays + my insistance on trying to keep my life as calm as possible during the weeks before the spring semester begins and I head back to teaching...well, I've been spending alot of time at home. The clutter has dissolved little by little as we take down the Christmas decorations + I feel I am suddenly able to really appreciate some of the new {+ old} this's + that's I have about my home. So much so, in fact, that I decided to share them under: My Favorite Things...I was shopping at the Anthro with a new pal 'o mine before Christmas when I picked up this little ceramic cup, bowl + plate set for baby Liamb. I didn't even realize just how much I loved it until I got it home! Seriously, look at that little bunny tush! As many of us mama's do, I tend to try to stretch a dollar by making smart purchases. Whether it is a better quality Target item for cheap, or a {less frequent, I must say} splurge on something from a better store, I find that being smart + "creatively financing" my need {yes, need} for beautiful things makes me really appreciate what I have just that much more. Many friends have complimented me at various times, on my home or on the clothing items I buy + while I am flattered, I always reveal to them that there is no real secret, I am just very selective about what I spend my money on: it has to be just fabulous!
This section is not about emphasizing my materialism, but rather, it is about taking the time to look around + be reminded of the lovely things I do have. The things that make one's style unique + one's house a home. I find this is a very nice. positive mental space to live in! When I post under this section, I will add a Linky {a fabulous blog I read had this for New Years...Loved it!} Won't you share some of your favorite things as well?
Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Visiting from SITS. Love that cup and bowl and am totally on board with being selective with your purchases. Not only is it fiscally selective, but also helps with all that clutter control.

  2. My selective shopping may drive my husband crazy. I usually have a specific item in mind and Cannot find it anywhere and hate to spend money on a substitute because it isn't what I wanted.

  3. @Linen and TulleNice to know I am not alone! Although, my mum usually tells me that I should never wait to buy something for an event, for example an outfit...bc if I procrastinate, when the time comes, I will NEVER be able to find what I am looking for! Therefore, in the clothing department, I have forced myself to buy some "staples" for in a pinch!

  4. That cup is just too cute! Great find. :D


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