Thursday, January 13, 2011

IKEA, Tahini Tofu + Roasted Veggies

Today we are heading up ye old turnpike to go to IKEA! A place I love & hate all at the same time. I know you know what I mean...while many of us fancy a more vintage/ distressed/ "let's pick this up in a flea market + refinish it" style of home decor...well, there is something so mod-NYC loft- cool about IKEA, atleast when it comes to how everything looks in the store. But the REAL reason we are going today is to hit the kitchen section! Stainless steel bowl heaven, here I come!

So speaking of kitchens + food, here we have roasted sweet potato + mini brussel sprouts {salt, pepper, olive oil}, marinated + baked tofu topped with a savory + nutty tahini sauce. Huzzah!


I made this the other night...and after a full day today, I'm going to whip up some mashed potatoes {+ while it may not look nearly as "five star retaurant" as the photos above} we'll finish off the leftovers of this deliciousness for a quick, easy supper.

All I have to say are these two things though:
1)When it comes to baking tofu, what in the world did anyone do before Parchment Paper?!?! And 2) Doesn't this look like this meal could have been on Iron Chef?!
IKEA, here we come!



  1. have fun at ikea - i have that internal struggle too - but i love the clean spare aesthetic as well... the dinner looks awesome - keep showing pictures and i may show up at your door! :0) drive safely - it was slippery this am...


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