Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vegan Snow Day Strawberry Shortcakes

So I whipped up these little beauties during the Christmas Vacation when we got all of that SNOW. One word, Obscene...the cupcakes. The ironic thing though, is that I made these scrumptious little desserts again just last night for when my BFF came over for dinner. And wouldn't you know...we got more SNOW {more on that later}. Sor obvious reasons, these are now called Vegan SNOW DAY Strawberry Shortcakes.My vegan buttercream came out better, having made it too thin the last time. Ok, it came out much was so thick, I actually busted the seam of the pastry bag I had been using that came with the Ratatouille baking set I bought the Monks, oh, 3 years ago?!? Guess it's time to buy some grown up baking supplies, eh? The buttercream though...there are no words...
If I can give any bits of advice for baking, here they are:
1) Follow the directions.
3) Measure correctly
4) Sift
5) Don't over mix
6) Don't over bake

So I frosted my vegan strawberry shortcakes all pretty like, for the first photo...however, there was just too much delicious buttercream left over to waste! Since these were just for our family, we globbed on the rest of the buttercream + shoved on the rest of the strawberries wherever they would fit! I told you they were Obscene.


** And Thanks for all the great posts yesterday on the Crazy 88! I should mention, that was not to say that I would never hope for more than 88 bog "friends"! However, for some reason, it just seemed like a good number worth celebrating!! **


  1. so yummy... i should just be prepared to get hungry when i visit your blog. :)

  2. @Lenett�
    I KNOW! Sorry about that! If it makes you feel any better, I get hungry when I am posting this yummy-ness myself!

    But think of it this way, atleast our mouths are watering over healthy -good for you- kinds of foods!


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