Thursday, August 5, 2010

my best friend's wedding, part 1

{Me + Laurin, circa 2004}
This here is my very bestest of friends + as stated above, she is indeed getting married this weekend. In so many ways we are similar + for many a life event, we walked the mile together...except for this. My own courtship + marriage {7+ years ago} was a bit of a whirlwind; full of romance, excitement and a general carpe diem kind of air. Children, jobs, finanaces and houses all followed, none without their own hurdles, heartbreaks + joys. Suddenly we found ourselves living in very different worlds + for a time, we did not speak. It was just plain terrible, but it was a time of growth for both of us from which we emerged better people + even better friends.
During the time when I was making the leap into family life {into the deep the high dive}, this little lady was being courted by her husband to be. Theirs was a rocky road {as many a relationship can be}, but even then, I knew that they were destined to be together. Actually, they are both such painfully unique characters with their own ways of doing everything, I don't think there is anyone in the world that could put up with either of them, or that they would have. They are soulmates.

{ Me + Laurin, circa 2005}
Marriage + begining a family isn't always easy, especially when you are young...especially with a carpe diem air. Relationships aren't easy either, especially when you have two strong minded, unique people at the helm like my bff + her beau. Yet here we are with her wedding in just 3 days. It is as if the universe has smiled at both of us + everything is as it should be. My life {although far from "perfect"} is more than I could have ever dremed for + I am attending my dearest friend's wedding; an event that is exactly what should be. So while my BFF's + my own situations may not be identical, life is so very good + I could not be happier to be walking each other's miles together.
Say a prayer for good weather....and visit for My Best Friend's Wedding, Part 2 on Monday!


  1. best of luck to both are so lovely!

  2. i am trying to write this for a third time! (so retarded) to say i am absolutely crying, and i love you! i knew i had to go home and read this where i could cry unseen. your soulmate and BFF, laurin (sob)


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