Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hot for Teacher, Vol.5: Asian Influence

It has been a while since I have posted one of these volumes...which is not to say that I haven't been teaching or wearing clothes! It's just that sometimes I'm just in too much of a rush to snap a photo...and othertimes, I'm not all that impressed with the outfit, so I skip it! However, this one, I rather enjoyed... The top: Macy's, circa 2004. Black crop pants: Target, "Oompa-loompa" shoes: Old Navy.


We had a bit of a hot streak of weather last week, and I just new that my classroom would be an oven! It had been a while since I wore this top, but I was so happy to still have it for days like this when I want to be dressed, cover a moderate amount of tattoo work...and not be sweating or feel like I'm going to pass out!


Lesson to self: 'Tis good to hold onto clothing, you just never know when you'll want to pull a certain something out of retirement!



  1. I'm diggin' the top... and the artwork. I love that you have so many little tattoos! I tend to always go BIG, but I'm thinking I should give a few little ones a chance.

    And I have to ask... how long does it take you to do your hair in the morning? I absolutely LOVE IT every time I see a pic. I haven't worn my hair long in years, but I'd love to rock that look.

  2. Hot for teacher indeed! You look lovely!

  3. @Alicia
    OMG! I've never heard that I have "little tattoos" before...I have a full sleeve with a full black background {bc it is a cover up}, a 3/4 sleeve...and a ful back peice! I do have smaller ones on my legs } feet from when my husband was working full time as a tattoo artist....

    YOu know, I think sometimes ALL of the tattoo work that I have can be overwhelming, so I try to dress in a way that is mindful of that....especially when teaching at the college. I've had a sizable side neck pc and a full sleeve {and some small tatoos} since I was 18 {forst tattoo with fake ID at I've had alot of practice when it came ot fining clothing that both covered + complimented to appease the masses!

  4. I have a full sleeve, 1/2 sleeve, and full back too! I love all the little ones on your feet and legs! almost every "little" tattoo I have ends up being part of a bigger piece in the end. I just can't leave well enough alone:)

    I'll admit I'm the opposite in that I purposely wear clothing that shows as much tattoo as possible. I just love them so much; it's an artistic way to express myself without words.

  5. @Alicia
    That is so great! Where we live, it takes some real bravery to walk around "baring it all" {we are pretty much the only ones in our small town who have the kind of tattoo work we do.}

    You know, now a days, I enjoy covering up and letting people just be super curious about the "creepers"!


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