Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cart before the Horse

We had a bit of a blogspot melt down last friday, and I lost my original post from Mama's Day. Uber- frustrated, I reposted a more Cliff's Notes style version of the original. However, if you had been able to catch the first post, you may remember me mentioning some of my fabulous Mama's Day gifts, including one that could only be featured in it's own post. Here it is!

This is Cielo Bird. A curious little sculpture constructed and hand painted by the folks who together make up the Cart before the Horse. This 2 person compay of artisits is based in Portland, OR. A self declared "mom + pop business", Dylan + Jo are parents as well as extraordinary artists and I just love thier style...as well as the name of their business: Cart before the Horse. Ah, yes, I can relate to what it is like to feel like your always getting ahead of yourself! I came accross their art work on Etsy a while back and I purchased a couple of their smaller {less expensive} printed items. When Mama's Day came along, well, it seemed the perfect occassion to mention how much I coveted these bigger sculptures... I am SO pleased to have an original piece of artwork in my home + I just can't wait to place another order! The biggest dilemma will be deciding which sculpture I'll purchase next...I love them all! You can also find out more about Cart before the Horse here at Jo's blog. Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Oh I love it! TFS, http://monicalott.blogspot.com/

  2. Love the sculpture! I checked out the store. Such lovely work!


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