Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama's Day on the Farm

The Blogger site kind of crashed today, erasing my last post on my Mama's I'm just gonna give the Cliff's Notes version in Photo the last paragraph I was able to recover!::: Flowers for Mama above...:::::: and my Blessing Basket...One of TWO wonderful gifts. {Thes 2nd deserves it's own post...will be up soon!} But how perfect is this for the Farmer's Markets! ::: ::: A Flower the Fif at a Mama + Me craft class we attend...and below, a gift from My Mama...seedlings for my Front Yard Farm!! :::::: and a 3rd gift from my Mister...a day {...or so} of hard labor on said Front Yard Farm! :::::: ...we all lent a hand in the work, even ME! And below is a Mama's Day BOARD GAME made by The Monks! We all enjoyed playing it after our Mama's Day meal! :::::: And finally, the fruit {...or veggies?} of our labor. It took us a few days past Mama's Day to finish en total {which is why it took me SO long to post this post in the 1st place!}, but alas, here it is! :::{Front Yard Farm Completed 5/11/11}
Ah, I wish I could say that the day was perfect, except that my tiniest babe is teething in the biggest + baddest of ways. I think I ended up with exactly 1.5 hours of sleep Sunday night. Yes, on Mama's Day, I was swiftly reminded of exactly why it is that we celebrate Mama's + all that they do! My post from yesterday jested that {when it comes to Mum's} "Not all superheros wear capes". You know, years ago, I never imagined I'd be able to function on such little sleep, going to work and caring for 3 littles...all with a smile on my face + a song in my heart! Well, almost...but all the same, there is not a doubt in my mind that Motherhood irrevocably changes a woman....into a Superhero! Well, maybe...that or a lunatic? Because, even on the toughest of days, there is no where esle I would rather be than with this wonderful Mister and 3 littles. This Mama loves them more than words can ever say.

So sorry for the blogger lapse + repeat posting... It took Super power for me to not want to throw ye olde laptop out ye olde window when I discovered that my post had been deleted! Sigh, but I do hope that you all had a wonderful Mama's Day!



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