Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hot for Teacher, Vol.7: The Toile Dress

Here it is, the last Hot for Teacher post for this school year. And I have to say that this is one of my favorite outfits to date!

Toile Dress: Marshalls {circa 2005}

Cardigan, Socks + Boots: Target

The dress is actually strapless, but I didn't have to worry about a strapless bra or the straps of the bra I did wear showing since I wore the cardigan. It was the perfect "pick-me-up get-up" for a rainy, yucky day... I felt so darn pretty! And having a chance to wear these rain boots with the dress was just way too much fun. It's been pouring rain all week here and I'm thoroughly enjoying wearing my faux wellies {which actually fit WAY better than the real thing, in terms of these being more fitted, and at a fraction of the cost!} I'm completely smitten with these rubbers and plan to wear them whenever I can...especially with skirts + shorts!! Now that I've had a chance to mull it over, I think I will proably still post my more favorite outfits under the Hot for Teacher section of my blog here, even through the summer when I'm not teaching. Truth be told, I don't get really dressed up all that often, but I've had so much fun this past year wearing nice clothes and building a bit of a wardrobe that I'm feeling inspired to do so more often! Even if I'm just headed to the grocery or Farmer's Market with my 3 littles in tow, why not put one's best foot foward? Look good, feel good, am I right or am I right? I think spending that few extra minutes doing one's hair, make up, getting dressed {sometimes all 3!}, well, it can make all the difference some days! Such a little thing...and while at first glance it may seem like time that would be better spent doing a chore or tending to small ones, in truth, taking just those few extra minutes for myself makes me a much better mama + wife the rest of the day through! Just sayin'.

Happy Thursday!



  1. very cute dress. I love a dress with wellies. Also, I would like to see you do a post on how you fix your hair. It looks so cool rolled up like that.

  2. I totally agree with the "look good feel good" mantra. It can sometimes change a mediocre day to something special.

    And I LOVE the toile dress. Love it. And the boots.

  3. @Leah Marie
    Thank you!
    I should totally do a hair post! It really isnt all that hard...I always do the "victory rool" look at the top...even when I don't have time to curl the bottom part. The key is hairspray! Also, curling my hair this way {plus the hairspray} is the perfect hair solution for a crummy day... if I'm going to put in the time to do my hair, even just blowing it out, it had better be ready to withstand anything nature or children might hurl at me!
    Happy Thursday!!


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