Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Supreme Personality of Dog Head...

Here's me dog, Olive. Have I never mentioned that we have a dog? Know why? Because I'm a sucky dog person, that's why. We love her, but she isn't our baby...we have 3 of the human variety and that has us all set! Anyway, I always wanted a dog growing up, but because my mum worked, I got stuck with cats instead. Somehow, my prototype of "family" came to include having "a dog". So when we thought we were through with having babies after the Fif was born, I talked my Mister into getting Olive here. Having grown up with cats turned me into a bit of a neat freak though...all that hair and whatnot. So we chose to buy Olive here, my little hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, yorkie-poo. Yeah, it's lame that we bought her and didn't rescue from a shelter...but hey, pet shop dogs need homes too, right? So Olive has been with us for 2 years now. She didn't quite cut it as a substitute for another baby {ahem...we do have Baby Liamb afterall}, but she is a really great dog. I got to feeling bad though, that she is practically this "designer dog", but she got stuck with us Lame-O's for a family! So I decided it was time to fancy her up with some clothes! Olive had recently been given a haircut, so the sweater was actually more of a neccesity than anything else...but I decided that with a bit of lace left over from making John's Mad Hatter costume...she'd look rather Anthro, don't you agree?This seems to be a trend with me at the moment... not just dressing up little dog sweaters, but also seeing what other items of clothing I might have kicking around that caould use some reinventing! Add some new buttons, buttons in random places, or some bits of lace...? Who knows?

Ok, off to save my good little Olive from being pushed around in a doll stroller...



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