Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Big 2010 Halloween Reveal...

Here we are! We attended Rockin' Rod's Halloween Bash of 2010 as The Mad Hatter + White Queen. How fun! Ever since I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I was all but dying to have a reason to dress up as The White Queen. I knew that I had this old prom dress that would make for a perfect costume...all I needed was the make up + wig! I was so happy that the dress fit, but I'll tell you, it was snug and after a night in it, I feel like I have a pretty clear idea of what it feels like to wear a corset!

So here's the preparty...

Initially, I opted against dressing as White Queen because I was a little intimidated by trying to recreate the Mad Hatter's costume for my Mister. However, when I remembered we had an old suit in the basement that I could cut, sew + patch and a friend had a top hat we could borrow...well, suddenly the task didn't seem so overwhelming! Actually, I really got into it. Maybe my true calling is to be a costume designer? Don't you just love the Hatter's pin cushion flower I stitched up?

And while the reconstructed vintage suit looked amazing with some blanket stitches + patches of fabric added here + there...these vintage spools of thread on wooden bobbins really made this Mad Hatter's costume.

And then it was off to the main event. I was thrilled! All in attendance really went all out with their costumes. Everyone ate, drank, danced...

Ofcourse, it would not be Rockin' Rod's Halloween Bash without "The Show"...

Can you say, "GAGA"? THIS, was a party. At one point in the evening, I thought, imagine if all of our kids saw us like this? You know, I bet they'd be thinking, "if this is what being a grown up is like, I can't wait!" Brava! to all of us for letting our hair down and making this Mischief Night 2010 an evening to remember.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a fun + safe day of Trick or Treating!



  1. Your outfits were perfection! Great job! Halloween always got exponentially more fun for me, the older I got. Maybe because those fabulous outfits I dreamed of, I could actually make come true. Here's to Halloween!!!

  2. looks like it was an amazing night!

  3. Love the Costumes! I am an avid Tim Burton fan. Have been since I was a kid :)

    Looks like you had a blast!


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