Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scenes from the Christmas Cookie Swap...

I have to say that this really was the most successful Christmas Cookie Swap I have ever hosted! In the photo below, you will see just one of many...well, 15 to be exact, baskets and Anthropologie bags filled with cookies to be swapped. We lined all of the individually wrapped types of cookies out in the front porch so that as each guest left, they could refill their basket {or Anthro bag} with thier assortment of cookies! I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity in bringing appy's, wine and even hostess gifts! I was blown away. But really, I was just so happy that everyone could come...and I will most definately be looking foward to next years swap!



  1. mmmm cookies! They look delish!

  2. That was so fun! We need some more "grown up time" soon!!!!!


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