Monday, October 4, 2010

VERMONT {Image Heavy}

I promised my mum I wouldn't bring it up, so I will just say that anyone who reads me regularly knows that last week was a bit of a sh*t show. I won't say anymore than that on the subject, just know that it was. Lot's of stress, lots of crying, in the midst of what was already a busy week for me; as every week seems to be these days with kiddos and work. The biggest bummer though, was that my Mister happened to have last week off from work. It was a staycation, but I was looking foward to having him home, even if we were only up to the "same old" routine. It had actually been our intention to head up to our little place in VT when my Mister planned to take this week off from work. We had bailed on the idea because there were other "towny" things going on...I had papers + exams to grade, blah, blah, blah. However, after the first half of our staycation, we agreed that we really needed a break and why not take advantage of getting out of town if we could?
If there is anything I have learned in this lifetime, it is that you can't let the not-so-good parts of life bring you down. In the end, the only person who is hurt by that is you. So by Wednesday, I had turned my frown upside down. We were salvaging this week. So push PLAY on a little Arcade Fire {I've been kind of O.D-ing on them lately...} and scroll through some unbelievably wonderful days spent up at our Vermont house this weekend
For someone who is not big on her birthday, I'll tell you, with my birthday comming up this Friday the 8th, this getaway was the perfect gift. We geeked out and listed to a Harry Potter book on CD during the drive {which the kiddos really enjoy too} and spent the weekend taking in all kinds of autumn + silly Halloween type activities; like hay rides, corn fields, the best apple cider + donuts EVER...and ofcourse, the gorgeous foliage. We didn't have to look far for fun as there is a nice amount of property, a little lake, and we even met a "new horse friend" right outside our little place {which incidentally, is half of a barn}. The weather was crisp and cool; warm in the sun by day, but chilly enough to build a fire in our fireplace at night. Perfect for enjoying a glass of wine next to; thinking of nothing except all of the fun we had that day...
Thanks for sharing our trip! Do you have any getaways planned for this autumn?


  1. Great pics... so nice set to the music (I love A.F. too) Looked like a lovely weekend :)

  2. AHHH love the pictures-- what a great get-a-way. sometimes ya just gotta get outta there! :) Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. All of these pictures but especially the first one are amazing. I might direct some folks over this way to see it. Perfect Autumn shot!

    robina @

  4. @robina
    Thank you! I feel like managing to get up to VT this time of the year is like taking a vitamin. I feel healthier for spending time in such a beautiful place, living life at a slower pace and in a simplier way than we usually do at home...
    I wish we could have stayed longer!


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