Monday, October 4, 2010

mad about it

Ever have a mama temper tantrum...even a little teeny tiny mama temper tantrum?

It's my birthday week and I am getting a wee bit sick. What timing! And ever since I became a mama, my colds set in the same way: slow through the chest= no voice.

That's just plain wrong, in my ever so humble opinion. When you pop out that baby and become a mama, along with your {ahem,} "instruction manual", you should also be given immunity to such things as loosing one's voice. Is this the universe's idea of a joke? Me, 4 kiddos {my 3 + my "ward"} and no voice? Wrong, I tell you, just wrong.


So I bugged a little. Just a little. Chaos was starting to set in and since I, at that moment in time, could not yell, I just stood there clapping my hands like a psychotic seal to get everyone's attention... And then I threw a booklet of construction paper on the floor + stomped my foot, real angry like. Heck, I was mad about it. Not about the mess of the wee bit of chaos, but because I hate feeling sick; even more so now because My Mister + I have a evening planned in NYC to celebrate my birthday on Thursday that I really wanted to be 110% for.

So I had my little fit and the wee ones set to quietly scurrying about, cleaning up the toys strewn here + there. I silently commended them for not bursting out laughing at my display of frustration. And then in full awareness that it was not the superfood of champions, I made mac 'n cheese. From a box. And all was right with the world.

Hey, it happens.
Ever have a moment like this?


  1. lol this made me giggle because I have been there. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I had a whole weekend like this! I call it being a grumpy butthole, because no matter how nice everyone is to me, I'm inconsolable.

    Happy b-day and feel better soon!

  3. We all have our moments; at least you can own up to them! :)

  4. Oh man, I don't know what it is about birthdays, but I get in the worst mood until the day of. Then I'm fine. As far as mama temper tantrums, I have them several times a month. I blame lack of sleep and my son who knows how to push my buttons better than anyone.


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