Monday, April 11, 2011

A Springy Sort of Weekend on A Farm...

Well, I dont know about where you are, but our Saturday here in NJ was just fantabulous...and so we spent said day walking around a local nursery + picking up some flower seeds to start growing...{Not to mention an incredible bowl of heirloom-esque lettuces that can be cut an eaten throughout the season! How fun!} I felt this day was much deserved after the typically rainy Friday we had just had the day before. And Sunday's climate was somewhere right in between; not warm + sunny per se, but not raining either.

{Can you imagine the wonders to be found inside this castle like greenhouse?}

We had heard a rumour that there were piglets born at a farm near by us that we frequent! While the photos might appear more autumn like, the talk of baby farm animals can't help but make one think, "SPRING!"

Sadlly, by the time we arrived, the farm had closed for the day, so we only saw the piglets from a distance.We DID get to spend some time with our sheep friends {you know I'm wishing I had one or two!} + we have plans to go back sometime this week to see the baby piggies... Isn't there a school of thought that says when you are chatting with someone and the conversation turns toward "the weather", your just filling space? This may be true for some, but not when you have 3 little folk to contend with or are anxious to be spending time out-of-doors! Indeed the weather makes all the my many thanks to you Mother Nature, for providing us with a most lovely weekend for all of our adventures! How did you spend your weekend?



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