Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cub Scouts: Better Late than Never!

My Monks joined up wiht the Cub Scouts recently! The season actually began back in September, but with my work schedule {at the college + caring for my ward}, I just didn't think I could do it all. However, like I've mentioned {atleast a dozen times now}, this Spring season has me feeling really energized! I decided that with the Cub Scouts, it was better to join in late than not at all...so we have been mighty busy stitching up our uniform and learning all of the promises, codes, laws, hanshakes and salutes for the all important Bobcat Badge!
Ah, if you have have been hanging with me for any bit of time now, I'm sure you gathered that I have no shortage in supply when it comes to ambition! Oh baby, if we are doing this thing, we are doing it! So at the end of this season, the Monks + I {with my other 2 littles in tow} are doing our best to learn all of what needs to be learned, as well as catching up on activities we might have missed.

"Do your best"...that's part of the Cub Scout Promise...so see we are half way there already! So give us a kiss and we'll be on our way...this week's adventure, to a Printing Shop!




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