Thursday, April 14, 2011

What might the Easter Bunny bring?

My goodness me, can you believe that many of us will be celebrating Easter in just over a week!?! Ever since I became a mama, I SO look foward to holidays; trying to make them as magical as possible with little activites + whatnot. Each year, I feel like I get a little bit better at planning for the holidays...figuring out what traditions need doing, what gifts need buying...and WHEN exactly I should do all of these things to make sure that all of my ducks are in a row when the big day arrives. And speaking of gifts, I thought I'd share some of my favorite purchases for this upcomming holiday. You see, when it comes to Easter, I usually prefer that the Easter Bunny not bring boatloads of candy {that often isn't even eaten...some of last years candy is still in the back of the freezer!} Seeing as that we don't do all that much "toy type" shopping on a regular basis, a holiday is the perfect time to spoil the kiddos a bit...and to swap out a whole mess of candy + chachkies for a few really nice presents that will be loved + enjoyed long after the holiday has passed. Like... {some great puzzles found here + here}

{ Soy Bunny Crayons from this shop + this amazing stacking toy from here}

{Ofcourse, books, books + more books...AND MORE BOOKS}

and yes, there will still be addition to some wonderful little gifts made by mama which I can hardly wait to share! Aren't these jsut the prettiest lollies you have ever seen? What fun I've been having these last few weeks...and the good news is that it is not too late to do some Easter ordering of your own!

Happy Thursday Everyone!



  1. i always tried (try) to make easter special as well... one year i gave shel silverstein's 'runny babbit' as a gift... there were clues as to where it was hidden, so i drew out the suspense... when i would read him to emily, it was hard to stop - we could read for hours...
    love your gifts! and so will they...

  2. Beautiful treasures! I especially LOVE the puzzle. I was looking at one like it. I'm also trying to buy and make a few lovely toys for their baskets. Although a chocolate bunny is still a must! For me too!


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