Friday, April 8, 2011

Hibernation in Reverse

Ok, well, if you held me to the Wiki definition of hibernation, this title might not make sense as per the current season, however for the purposes of this post, I think it is quite appropriate. When most of us think of hibernating, we think of squirrels gathering food for a long winter or a bear sleeping away the cold months in it's cozy cave den. I think all of us mammals go through periods where we feel like tending to our little nests, bunkering down + doing what we feel to be most restful....that's kind me right now.

Again, the glitch here is that most mammals go through this phase during the winter {...or when pregnant which I am NOT!}. During the winter, the days are cold + short...traveling about with littles in tow is a challenge {with all those clothes!} and the floors are forever in some state of muddy. Part of me adores the winter for the beauty, the multitude of clothing options + the lack of sweating {which plagues me in the warmer weather}...but this year, the colder months just made me feel kind of restless. If you asked me, I would have to say that the Spring is probably my least favorite of the 4 seasons...but this year, for some reason all the little seasonal changes that bring me closer to spring have me feeling...inspired!

When I was home sick last week, the pace of our life slowed by what seemed like 100%. Now that we've been back into the swing of things this last week, I find myself longing for that family time {minus all of the hustle and bustle that often leaves me wondering where entire days have gone?} I'm hoping that the little farm of sorts that we are begining {whcih also has me ever so excited for this season} will keep us closer to home than we have been. The days staying lighter longer, the kiddos being able to play out-of-doors, our cooking outside, going for walks + to the parks all make me feel like we are getting back to basics. I feel more energized to do, create, and build. I can't wait to share some of what I've been stitching up this past week!

But getting back to the topic at hand, I have to admit that these days I am finding myself to be far less tolerant of most things electronic. During the winter months, it is easy to cave in and allow more televison + video games than usual {I am guilty of this too}. The transition from winter to spring {...and the transition away from all things battery operated or connected to an electrical socket} used to be more simple...but as my kiddos get older, I find them resisting more + more. I understand that computers and the like are the way of the future, but I am also a believer in preserving the ways of the past and enjoying the simple pleasures in the world around us. It is times like this that I really envy families that have choosen to live a more simple life { farming, homeschooling , etcetera}, who live this life 365 days a year. For my family, well, I try to walk the middle line between the old + new...but as my little folk get older, I find them not only resisting, but also questioning the necessity of these transitions. That's one of the intersting things about parenthood...we are forever kept on our toes! I remember thinking that I was just the bees knees for my skillful ability to incorporate everything, {both old + new} into our family life so seamlessly. That's not to say I still don't...but it was niave of me to think it was easy, especially when at the time, my littles were barely old enough to attend school, let alone put up a well developed proposal on why they should be allowed to play their Nintendo DS or watch a certain TV show. Ah, only our children can make us so proud, yet also so aggravated simultaneously! I think it is this transition, {and not so much the farm + chickens} that I believe will be my challenge this Spring season. Luckily for me, nice weather + many a playgroup = mischief enough to revoke most video game playing privileges! Perhaps this is why after years of toying with the idea, we decided to pursue our little "farm life" so aggressively this year? Was our desire to have this little farm taken to the next level because we needed to "raise the ante" to get our kids to move away from the glowing-box-entetainment and instead, get back to nature? Perhaps. Another fact I know all too well {being a mama to a 7 year old} is that littles grow up way too fast as it is, without any help from being overprogrammed with activities or having time sucked away in a video game. My tiniest of guys {photo above} is on the verge of walking, the Fif will begin PreK next year and the Monks...well, I think we are on the cusp of his activities during the school year exploding! Soon enough, these little people will have little friendships of their own as they should....but this is mama's time! I am ready to do a bit of hibernating around the homestead this season, enjoying a more simple way of life. I'm feeling really great about this upcomming Spring + the hot, lazy days of Summer; for time spent out-of-doors, creating, playing, growing, eating, spending time with friends + family. With all that, who could want {or have time for!} anything more?

Wishing you all a most wonderful + inspired weekend with all of those you love the most.



  1. Beautifully said, and I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. I like where you're going with this, and have been feeling a little hibernation-y myself. There's just so much fun to be had at home, in the garden, and on walks now that the weather is nice!


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