Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Famous last words...

I was kvetching to my mum, via txt messaging {I know, SO lame} one night...something about money I think? About my sucking it up and asking Pappy to borrow money? {I know you love my selective memory loss here...repression, I tell you!} Yes, that was most certainly the topic of dicsussion. I needed $350 asap for the Monk's new glasses...the same week that we were already putting out a surprise $300 for the Fif's Pre-K tuitition deposit {I forgot about the registration...an easy oversight as it was, oh, 6 months before September!} I hate money stress... and I absolutely loathe talking about money...

And so the txt'ing between my Mum + I goes:
Me: I suppose I'll just have to eat some humble pie and ask my Dad to help me out...

Mum: Is that humble pie Vegan?
I was hysterical. Happy post-long-weekend- Tuesday everyone!


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