Sunday, February 20, 2011

The only republican I could ever love...

While I am ever so tempted to type something politically thought provoking about our Presidents {past + present}, the sometimes radical yet essential growth we've experieced as a nation over the years {like that facilitated by my favorite President Abe here} and the idea that sure, change can be scary...but that after a time, we can no longer think of our lives as being any other way.
Wishing everyone {sigh, regardless of party affiliation} a wonderful Presidents' Day Weekend. May we enjoy time spent with family + friends on this long weekend... and may we always support those elected by the people to speak for the people as we strive for the collective American Dream: that each day will be a bit better than the day before.


  1. i love abe too -
    as obama said in the state of the union address - no matter how contentious the process may become, we are grateful to be a part of one that allows our voice to be heard...
    change always seems scary - but if there is no change we can only get more of the same... now that to me is scary!


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