Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Weekend, Laughter...+ "Gromas"

This past weekend, our public school system gave us a 4 day weekend in honor of Presidents' Day. Sadly, the Fif came down with a bug that had been passing from little to little as of late. When Friday began...well, I was thinking this might be a very L-O-N-G weekend...Outfit:
Striped shirt: Forever 21
Sweat shirt top: Target
Michael Jackson "Thriller" Jeans: Marshalls
Oompa Loompa shoes: Old Navy
But alas, it turned out to be quite a nice weekend after all! Besides spending some much needed time bummin' around the house, we were actually quite busy! Friday, the temps were above 60 degrees; so the littles {all except the Fif} were loving playing out-of-doors...and I was loving opening the windows + airing out the house! Oh, and all the kids got haircuts. Including a first haircut for the baby Liam-b, who was rockin' a serious baby mullet. And, incidentally, a first haircut for the Fif {at 3.5 yrs old!} But I have to say that the Monks' hair came out the best...I'm just lovin' his little punk style...better photos to follow...

And speaking of the Monks...he and I had a date on Saturday. Ah, gone are the days when most of us were taken to Mc-y D's by the parentals... Nope, the Monks elected to go out for sushi before hitting the movie theatre. {**note to self: be not surprised when growing 7 year old boy eats $30 of sushi for lunch**} We went to see Gnomeo + Juliet. It was slightly stupid...except for the fact that it WAS Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet...and it WAS in 3-D {very entertaining}...and well,the soundtrack was by Elton John + it WAS a movie entirely cast of ceramic garden gnomes. Kinda cool.

But what was even cooler was having that bit of time alone with just my "big guy". On any average day, I have no less that 3 people all trying to tell me something at the exact same moment, yet, when it was just the Monks + I, well, I could tell that he was really soaking in the quiet time. He is a bit of an old soul and I think we both enjoyed having each others full attention, having nice quiet discussions...and eating slowly for a change!

What started off seeming like a L-O-N-G weekend ended up not being quite long enough! Motherhood can seem uber overwhelming at times...especially as the littles become, well,... not-so-little! Watching them grow + change...I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by! Especially since most of the time, my Mister and I still feel like we are 21. I think the trick to good parenting is a sense of humor {and wine...definately wine}. But really Laughter is key. No one has ever felt guilty over laughing at/with their kiddos...but I have felt mighty bad after yelling. And who can deny, life is just too short to spend it being too serious! I have to remind myself of that from time to time. It amazes me that even as "gromas" {in Fifi speak}... life is always changing. That our littles challenge us daily to grow as people + be the best we can be. I can hardly believe that I am that momma sitting out for lunch with her big boy...or that I am the one getting all dressed for a career job...or that I am going to PTO meetings. When did my Mister + I stop playing house and actually turn into these "gromas" I used to see doing these things? I suppose it really doesn't matter when as much as it matters that we always remind each other of how lucky we are; that all we have is a gift {which can be hard to do when times are tough}. That is about as "gromas" as you can get, if I do say so myself.


But enough sapp-y-ness...I have some playing to get back to! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


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  1. "when did we stop paying house and turn into these gromas??" Totally.<3


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