Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today we are taking down the tree...+ Just B. you

The week after Christmas, {before we had taken down the tree + mixed in the new toys with the older ones}, I watched Baby Liamb crawl amongst his toys; enjoying all of them thoroughly. I was reminded of the Fif's first Christmas, oh, 3 years ago now. I remembered her stitting infront of the tree, exploring her gifts; and me saying to my Mister, "Oh my gosh, she knows how to play!" Even though the Monks was 4...well, he was 4! I suppose we didn't have that many baby toys around...and that we didn't think we needed them just yet as the Fif was just 6 months old. I felt so foolish, even though I had raised one baby, I felt like I could have been doing it for the first time all over again! So while the age difference is much less between my 2nd + 3rd children {and there are many beautiful, wooden baby toys around} Santa was very good to the smallest of this clan, bringing him a few very nice toys. And even though in the past, I was pretty strict about wanting mostly {ahem, only...} wooden toys, I didn't have any qualms about the mix of wooden + plastic toys given that were made by Just B. The colors are just beautiful, the toys are age + developmentally appropriate, the quality is good and the price is right. {I think that if you are not Santa, you can find this brand readily at Target.} I also really like their philosophy on their website, their mindfulness about the environment when it comes to packaging, and their policy on donating $ from each purchase to Free the Children. All good things. Just thought I'd share, since I can't possibly be the only mama who likes nice toys for her littles...that also do not look horrid in her family room!


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  1. I'm like this brand, too! Yay to Target for getting some more "friendly" toys for people who don't have access to green kids shops.


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