Friday, January 7, 2011

A taste of vegan brownie heaven

I know, I know...another vegan food post. As you can see from the photo though, there was just NO way I could resist posting this ASAP. I was even toying around with calling this post The Vegan Chocolate Orgasm...but is that too scandalous to say on a non-censored blog?
While baking up a vegan cupcake has been my forte' of late, I was tempted into trying out a recipe from a new vegan cookbook Santa brought for me. It is written by the owners of one of my all time favorite vegan restaurants {since turned Little Vegan Cafe}. The recipe is a most basic brownie recipe, except that it calls for Egg Replacer instead of actual eggs.

I have to admitt that I have NEVER {boxed or homemade} made a good batch of brownies...EVER. I whipped up a little Chocolate Ganache {by combining Soy Milk, Vegan Choc.Chips + some Pure Maple Syrup}, just incase these babies came out a little on the dry side. They did take longer to cook than stated, so I covered them with parchment paper + kept increasing the time by 5 minutes until they were done {you know, the clean toothpick thing}. But alas, they came out perfectly moist, delectible to gaze upon....and well, they tasted orgasmic! There, I said it!
For the skeptics: Yes, you can make delicious food that is vegan + better than anything else you have ever eaten! Love your family + bake these this weekend!


  1. They look so delicious! I LOVE your little profile picture over on your sidebar. Very cool! : )

  2. Brownies are fantastic. Now I want to make some today.

  3. They look incredible! Brownies are tough to cook just right.

  4. @Debbie
    Thank you! They ARE tough to get just right! I think that is why I was SO proud of these! They were so good, infact, that when there were only 2 left, I hid them in the oven for myself after the littles went to bed! I gave them something else for dessert!

  5. My mouth is watering... I have to look away!

  6. My mouth is watering... I have to look away!


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