Monday, December 20, 2010

Swappin' Cookies

Each year for the last, oh... 4 years, on December 23rd I have hosted a cookies swap with some of my mama friends from town. The holiday season is usually so chock full of parties, that ironically, having the "girls night cookie swap" so close to Christmas actually worked out really well! Over the years, the number of ladies + friends who would be in attendance have changed, but I am so happy to say that this year, I will be having not only the largest group I have hosted, but also the most ecclectic group of friends to date! I am just brimming with excitement about all of the great conversation that will be had, {ahem, wine that will be drunk} + new friends that will know each other better after this girls night in!

::: courtesy of Macy's holiday window display, NYC 2010 :::

In the past, I had all my ladies pick one kind of cookie + then bake enough so that each person swapped 6 of each cookie. This year, because it is a large group, we are making enought cookies for 4 cookies us all a most wonderful assortment of Christmas cookies to either bring with on your holiday travels or offer in your home.


Just for fun, I put together the 2010 Vegan Christmas Cookie Zine that you may have noticed along the side bar. It was not a requirement, but I figured that I would throw out some healthy alternatives to your traditional cookie...and I am thrilled that I had a couple of guests who were willing to try out one of these recipes for the party!

It's not too late! Send out some emails to some girlfriends and have a cookie swap of your own! I know it is close to the if need be, I always make my parties as optional "Bake, Borrow, or Buy"! I know many will bake, but one friend is baking for 2 {the borrow}...and no one will ever be cross if someone has to buy...{'tis the busy season and c'mon, it's*t happens!}




  1. Hi there! I love the idea of a cookie swap! I'll have to arrange one for next year. In the mean time here is my favorite cookie recipe! They are a German cookie and oh so good! Happy Christmas!,1710,152175-230195,00.html


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