Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Anti- Glam Week Before Christmas

This has been my week before Christmas so far... grading papers + finals...

with a little help from my girls.

Then there is this guy. Our elf's name is Urik. Not sure whether he actually has an effect when it comes to influencing my little's to have good behavior. I think he can be a real pain in the a**. I'm just sayin'.
Then this is the list I've been checking...not once or twice, but multiple times a day. Nothing is a one stop shop...no, that would be too easy! However, the list making gives me the illusion that I'm "on top of" things...and nothing feels better than crossing off items from the list, agreed?!
Even though we have been busy little bees with this's + that's, the important thing is that we are still all together... but I could really use a little time where we are not ALL together to get some things done...really!
And finally, this cold has not given me up yet; but instead has migrated from throat to nose, to ear + back to throat again.... At the moment, the Anti- Glam Christmas is in full effect. I kind of wish that I had an extra week before the big C-day...not so that I could drag out what I've got happening now, but rather, to have all of my work done + be left with a week to do nothing except really soak up the holiday.

Great idea in theory, right? That is the tough part about Christmas, it is special + we all have this prototype of how things should be to make the holiday just perfect; whether it be more time, more money, more something. I know that we have really had fun this season + that the extra busy stuff is just what comes along with having a big family with parents who work. I think the coolest thing though, is that while at the moment the Christmas prep might not be glamorous, on Christmas morning, my Mister + I will be sipping mimosa's, watching our little's under the tree opening their gifts {while the Nutcracker plays in the background...}. Each year, he + I silently toast each other for pulling off another amazing holiday...and that really is a most wonderful feeling.


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  1. that morning, all else is forgotten... it is rather like labor... we forget the torture, get lost in the glow, and do it again anyway! your cookie party sounds wonderful...


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