Sunday, December 19, 2010

Listen to your Heart

I just realized that it has been a while since I posted on any fitness type business...even though, away from the land of blog, I've still been going strong, fitting in some exercise whenever I can. A bunch of the mamas in my little town recently joined this gym in town which was offering one of those 30 Challenge things {where you join the gym for a reduced rate for 30 days + try to meet your fitness goals/ loose the most weight in that time in hopes of winning prize $}. Hearing them talk about the various classes they are trying, I was reminded of when I myself taught Spinning Classes when I was in college. They were intense, but I learned alot about fitness...including this little tid bit having to do with monitoring your heart rate.


You see, many people either end up working out way harder than they need to, or opt to skip out on exercise because they think they can't get in a hard enough work out to make it worth their time. If either of these scenarios remind you of yourself, I suggest asking Santa for one of these heart rate monitors. You wear the strap {under your clothes} around your rib cage and wear the watch at your wrist. There is a relatively simple chart that will tell you how high your heart rate should be, based on your age, to be within your maximum calorie burning zone {which is only about 65% of your max heart rate!} What great news, right! When everyone will be getting ready to sweat off those holiday'll be maximizing your efforts wiht this little prize! Just wanted to share one of my favorite little gadgets wiht some of my faourite peeps.

Happy Sunday + Shopping!


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