Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fancy Wearables

It was always my intention to take some of my paintings and transform them into fancy wearables; things like brooches + lockets. But as is often the case, life got away from me and my good intentions had to be put on the back burner until a more opportune time. Well wouldn't you know, that time came just this past weekend! It was one of my dearest friend's {and biggest supporters of my art work} birthday and I instantly thought that I should get to work on making something for her!

So here is the Little Fawn Girl! I actually made 2 of these brooches, the second of which {is a bit darker} will be up in ye olde etsy shoppe. But while I was at it {and having such success!}, I thought I might as well make something for myself too...

My friend loved her gift! And I was pleased enough with how these turned out that I'm feeling really excited about making some more of these fancy wearables after the holidays!



  1. I love it! I am a big brooch fan and wear them all the time. I usually end up scouring Goodwill for some vintage beauties but yours are ever so cool.

  2. these turned out lovely! did you use resin? if not, i could teach you about that - and sorry you weren't feeling well on sunday... the nutcracker is such a special performance... maybe the beautiful music and soaring tree helped a bit...

  3. Those are beautiful! What a great idea.

  4. @mairedodd
    Yes, I used Epoxy! That stuff is amazing! I was a little intimidated, but my Mister is pretty familiar with a variation on the stuff that he uses for fixing his surfboards. However, I'd always be thrilled to have any advice or help you'd like to lend!

  5. @citymouse
    Thank you! And very true...sometimes the hunt for a great brooch and knowing that it is so unique makes it just that much more special!

  6. i just saw your post title in the blog roll. I love your vegan cookie zine! Its awesome.

    I am not a vegan, but tried it out as an experiment for a few months. I totally loved it. It just took so much time and energy. But I love incorporating vegan meals/treats/ideas into my life!

    - the MRS.
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