Saturday, July 24, 2010


Fionnuala. Water color on Bristol board, 8x10.
This lovely little lass could not be any sweeter, sitting in a meadow singing to her bird friend. Quite a curious little faun child, I thought she fit in rather nicely with the other transformed Children of Lir... and as such, she has been given the name Fionnuala, after Lir's only daughter. More to come this week! Happy weekend to you!


  1. Hi There :) There's a little something waiting for you over at my blog ...

  2. Did you paint that? It's remarkable! I love how she's bending and the wild antlers sprouting from her head. My children would adore this!

  3. @6512 and growing

    Thank you so much! Yes, I did paint her + I could not agree more that she is just too sweet!

    Shh...she has a brother that I will be posting pics of on tuesday! All of my paintings are available in giclee print in my etsy shop
    happy weekend + thanks again for your sweet message!


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