Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Growin' Blues...and Room Decor

It seems like it was just yesterday the my smallest little man was born. How is it then, that he has grown + changed so darn much? He will be one year old mid January, however, it feels like he has made the biggest changes in the last couple of months. Sure, sitting up alone, eating "solid" foods, army crawling were all big leaps, however it was our changing sleeping arrangements that sent pangs to my belly. We were big fans of the snuggle nest, then the littles moved into the co sleeper, still right next to our bed. Actually, they didn't really even make a snuggle nest or co sleeper when the Monks {my biggest little man} was born...and while {of my 3 kiddos} he is the one to always go to bed well, he is also the only one who would have been content to sleep in our bed with us forever! The Fif, on the other hand, couldn't wait to have her own space. At one point, we thought she was going to be our last baby + all weepy, I tried to bring her into our bed from the crib. Yeah, big mistake. She was not happy about it!
I was ready for my smallest guy to leave the snuggle nest and hit the co sleeper + in hindsight, I am suprised that he stayed in that little co -sleeper- criblet as long as he did. I guess I was not as ready for him to move into his big boy crib in the boys was a necessary change that took place the very day I came in and found him pulled up in the criblet! What's worse is that while he has only been sleeping in the big boy baby cage a couple of weeks, he is begining to pull up in there too, which means that I have to nix the bumper, lower the crib...AND hem the crib dust ruffle I had made.
And so this brings me to the other point of this post...the boys room decor. I wanted matchy match bedding for my boys, however what I liked was also pricey priced. PB also did not carry a navy gingham bed skirt and there was no way I was going to spend all that money for a bed skirt that was not exactly what I wanted. So I made a bed skirt for the Monks' bed + a crib skirt for my little man's crib, all from a top sheet! The Bedskirt I made by cutting off a measured amount of the hemmed edges of the sheet {Full size}, and then used a staple gun to attatch the segments to the inside of the wooden bed frame, so that the finished edge was at the floor. For the Cribskirt, I did have to do so hemming, but our then puppy had chewed through the cord to my sewing machine! I used "stitch witchery", or iron adhesive strips to hem all of the eges of the measured segments I would be using; top, bottom and sides. Then I used a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric to the outside of the metal part of the crib {where the mattress goes}. I pleated my fabric as I wanted to give it that real tailored, boy look.
So this weekend, I will be taking apart my handiwork on my littlest man's cribskirt to hem it yet again to allow for lowering the crib. Luckily for me though, the universe has a method for making sure that us mamas are not blubbering, crying messes during these changes in our kiddos lives. You see, my baby growin' blues has been slightly buffered of late by teething. The refusal to nap + 10 month old mad -as- heck crying reminds me that while some baby changes are sad, others, like the eventual light at the end of the teething tunnel are ever so welcome!


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  1. Hi Alison!
    I am finally getting around to perusing your blog! It's so lovely, what a talent you are!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.
    Hope to see you guys soon.
    Staci Magnolia
    a.k.a. Lucy


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