Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter Night

So how excited is everyone that TONIGHT, the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be in theatres?? Actually, for many a brave + die hard fan, the movie was playing at midnight of 11/18-11/19...however, for the rest of us...well, we'll just have to wait for a better time {aka., when we can get babysitters!}

Having read or listened to all of the Harry Potter books on CD, I am beside myself to go and see the story unfold on the big screen. However, in the meantime, I have been lucky enough to happen accross a series of Harry Potter documentaries on the Biography Channel this week that satiated my Harry Potter fiending. I saved atleast 3, including one based on the "Sound/ Music", another on "Creatures" and finally, one documentary on "The making of Harry Potter". {If you happen to have ON DEMAND, I would look to see if you can find these!!}


What stood out for me was that while there were what seemed like bajillions of kids who tried our for the roles of Harry Potter {and Hermione + Ron for that matter} there was quite alot hanging on the choice that would be made. And Speaking of Hermione {and having watched these actors grow up on screen over the last several years...I do ADORE her bold + beautiful new do!}

Getting back to my point though, while watching the Biography documentaries about choosing the actors who would play these characters {Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc.}, or ANY character in this series of movies...well, they all had to be, DIFFERENT. Harry Potter was not like many movies {or Books} where the most beautiful or handsome characters would be chosen. NO, the success of Harry Potter comes from the fact that it speaks to the heart of all of us who have ever felt on the fringe; like we did not quite fit in.

I love that fact that so many people around the globe are at present, rushing to see a movie about a boy, who in real life, would most likely be shunned + excluded by many a movie goer. But here is what I am also thinking about. This movie {and the books} have grossed more in $ than almost any it has me wondering...are there more of us that also feel that the world of Harry Potter is a refuge than we had originally thought? Has the minority of those of us who have felt peripheral in our lives now become the majority? You know, I think that is most certainly the case.

{Hear playing faintly in backgroung: "We are the world, we are the children....we are the one's who make a brighter day,so lets start givin'"}

SO many of us, especially here in America, where we have experienced such difficult times {like those of 9/11}, often tend to withdraw...perhaps out of fear or just plain sadness. While Hogwarts was a home for many a lost child, like Harry, and my favorite person, Severus Snape...we need to be sure that we all are not so cruel and distant from one another that we create a world of heartless, power hungry Voldemorts. We need to embrace each other like we have embraced Harry Potter and his crew of geeky, freaky, misfit friends. I hope that everyone who is excited to go has an opportunity to get to the theatre this weekend to see Harry Potter. And my absolute best to every person on this weekend before Thanksgiving; friend, foe, wizard + weirdo

{...."there's a choice we're makin', we're savin' our own lives. It's true, let's make a better day just you and me!"}


  1. yes yes yes and YAY! i'm going on tuesday and CAN.NOT WAIT.

  2. Well said!! I saw the movie hard not to go for the first time in a while at midnight last night. I lOVED it.

    I, too, have always loved the uniqueness of the characters. The fact the nerdiness always won over the coolness factor. That being true and honest and well intentioned was how to overcome evil. May we all be bookish, kind people in our own unique way!

    **can't wait to hear what you think about this one**


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