Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels...

You only have to look at me to see that I can be a little on the, ahem...excessive compulsive side. I'm also not the most patient person...{See this is what happens when you have studied psychology for years...and went to Catholic school all of your life....I have a talent for picking at my character defects + a need to confess my flaws to someone!}
But that is not the point of this post, but rather just a bit of insight into me. Knowing what you do now, it probably makes a boat load of sense that when I decided recently, to take off the rest of the baby weight I've been carrying around, I jumped in with both feet. After 7 years of having my head in my uterus, trying to make a family, we are done! It is bittersweet, but I am so grateful to have 3 healthy littles + am embracing this as the begining of a new chapter where I will try to make a bit of time for myself. So to start, I knew that I needed to change my diet...and that sucks, not being able to eat all of the things that I like. However, being a bit on the extreme side, I have re -adopted a diet that I know how to do {and how to do the healthy way}. I enjoy cooking and eating the food, which can be half of the far, so good.

But I also needed to exercise. Diet is not enough without a movin' your body. I don't love exercise, but it is something that I eventually get used to once I get going. The two {diet + exercise} really go hand in hand though. If I am going to put in the time to exercise, I am certainly going to think twice about what I put in my mouth after I worked so hard to burn those calories! I have put alot of effort into these changes over the last month {hence, the limited crafty/cool posts, lol}. And so, I have a few posts on this, {my new passion/ obsession} that I'd like to share. Some of which are on exercise {with some embarrasing photos of me "exercising", which alone, is worth comming back to laugh at}...and in addition, I think I'd like to post on a healthy recipe that I have made each week. I promise I will never be preachy or try to convert anyone. While I'm not an expert, I hope to offer some information and some recipes that my family likes that are both healthy + delicious. Because in the end, that is what it is really all about. Eating healthy foods, setting a good example for our children...and being alive long enough to see our grand children + great grand children. So while you might be thinking, "why not wait for this to be a "New Years Resolution"? My response is that there is no time like the present to make a positive change. And watch out, the weightloss/ exercise "feel good" is contagious! A few of my mama friends are on health kicks of their own and it is such fun having each others support. So when healthy living gets tough, my mantra is Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Ha! It always makes me chuckle, but it is true. Since I have started this adventure, I have lost close to 10lbs.! So I figured, why not go into the holiday season feeling good about myself and making splurges only here + there...and looking fabulous all along the way? That is my plan, won't you join me?
More posts to come on this....


  1. Stopping by from SITS and loving your blog. How is it I've never found you before? Count me as your newest follower.

  2. Way to go! Can't wait to hear those yummy recipes...

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! I've been maintaining for the past couple of months after losing around 35 pounds and could not be happier. It's tough work, but worth it in the end. :)

    New to your blog, but I'll definitely be back!

  4. Stopping by from SITS. Great post. Yeah, I'm on board. Let's get healthy!

  5. Good for you! We both have January babes. It seems I'm holding on to that last 10lbs or so...I keep telling myself I need it because I'm still nursing, but the fact is I could stand to get moving a little more. Looking forward to what you have to share!

  6. Hi there I recently started a blog, tracking my "weight loss journey". I certainly understand that working out and eating right go hand in hand.

    Best wishes!


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