Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Just a bit of old fashioned Halloween fun! Carving Jack 'O Lanterns the week before Halloween has become a tradition that I really look foward to.

We saw a couple of great tips on a Martha Stewart show that we tried out this year, including how to Light Thy Jack 'O Lantern ...and cutting out the bottom of the pumpkin rather than the top.

The littles had fun getting into the mix...although they don't really love getting all of the seeds out of the pumpkin. And yes, we used power tools this year... whatever it takes friends!

Ofcourse, we lost the help of the little people after pumpkin #1 was carved...incidentally, right at the same time that the cookies we made had finished baking. You can't carve pumpkins on an empty tummy.

All of our hard work paid off. Although these are the simpliest Jack 'O Lanterns we have carved, I also think that they came out the best!

Happy Carving everyone!



  1. You were above me at SITS today! I agree - sometimes the simplest things, like a simple carved pumpkin, are the best. :)

  2. Feel free to mail me those cookies.


  3. Wow those cookies look delicious!

  4. Love your pumpkin display - the gold one, too. We're doing that tomorrow night! We doing s'mores with my s'more pot afterwards! What kind of bit did you use with your power tool? Did going through the bottom reduce the yucky mess?

  5. @bluecottonmemory
    Yes, cutting through the bottom did help with the mess a bit...but it was still a messy job! I thought it looked nice to have the top of the pumkin intact though!

    I'm not sure which drill bit we used, it was the skinniest round one in the kit. We made a hole to start it, then just kept pulling it downwards along the line that we drew! It worked pretty well!
    Happy Carving!


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