Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Light Thy Jack 'O Latern

Last week, we were flipping on the television, and came across Johnny Knoxville doing a segment on the Marth Stewart Show. I know, random, right? This was the segment where I learned that one can cut the botton out of their pumpkin to clean it out, instead of the top. Depending on the size of your pumpking, once all of the cleaning + carving was done, you could pop your pumpkin shell right over a glass container which would safely hold the candle that would light up your Jack 'O Lantern.

But what about the Jack 'O Lanterns you might want to have outside your home? Or what if the whole idea of fire in a pumpkin just really freaks you out? Well, Martha had a soulution! By wrapping a strand of white Christmas lights around a glass mason jar, you can create a beautiful + safe glow!

Ok, so while this might not be "green", it is most definately a safer alternative to attempting to balance a votive candle inside the lumpy bumpy bottom of your carved pumpkin! And I think it looks just beautiful!


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