Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little Martha Stewart....

Martha Stewart has some amazing ideas in her Halloween editions of her magazine. There are many adult ideas that I love, but have not yet got around to trying, however, what really grabbed me were the Halloween craft ideas she had for kids. These have been used year after year and are so simple...
This is the first craft, which involves using a drop of watered down water color, then taking a straw and literally blowing the droplet of paint accross the page! It makes the most spooky, kooky branches! I used a similar technique once to creat cherry blossom branches, using brown paint for the branches, then letting Tobin use his tiny pointer finger to make little red dots all around it. It is such a fun activity, you really can't go wrong!

Another fun idea that will have your little ones drinking their milk for sure, is the ghost glass. To make this, melt down some chocolate, then use a paint brush to paint a spooky ghost face on the inside of your glass. Remember the bowl of chocolate is very hot when you are either microwaving {30 sec at a time} or heating it over a pan of water. I put mine in the freezer when I am done to help the chocolate set up. When you are ready to serve it, just pour in the milk! These ghostly faces really come to life against the white background!

{The Monks, circa 2009}

Is everyone getting excited for Halloween?

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  1. I'm so enjoying your blog that I stumbled upon recently! I can't wait to make the ghostly milk glasses with the kids I nanny. We often need a very quick, easy project and they will love this one. I want to try the spooky watercolor drop tree branches too! Thanks!


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