Thursday, September 30, 2010

...and B is for Bag

So after our apple picking adventure, I couldn't resist posting these fun apple bags that we had made with the kiddos last year. We had made these bags prior to our trip to the orchard last year + I was overjoyed that the kiddos thought to bring them with us this year!

I had gotten the idea to make these little bags from the Monks' pre-K teacher. While he was in preschool, we took the kids on a apple picking trip each September, and in preparation, each child would decorate a paper bag with a halved apple dipped in paint to create a stamp. These bags were then used to carry the apples that they picked at the orchard...

We used a similar technique for making our bags, however instead of using a paper bag, we used a small canvas bag {found in a craft store}. These bags have been used and enjoyed now, season after season and in my little ones' daily play. Instead of using paint or a stamp pad, we used fabric paint and an apple cut in half to create an apple stamp on the bags, then just followed the process directions that went with the paint that we used. It can take a bit of time as I had mentioned when making the tshirts. {I suggest making these bags with your little ones the weekend prior to when you plan to use them, which will allow the time necessary for the paint to process.} We decided to add some extra buttons and ribbons and with a few stitches by mama, our little bags were all set and looked great! ...And let the wheels turn, my friends, this technique would be fun to use on any fabric item you might have that needs a bit of dressing up!
When I went back to grab these pictures, I couldn't get over how much my littles have grown in just a year! The Monk's is so much more grown up now; especially in his behaviour, ability + mannerisms. The Fif's transformation is a more obvious one when I look at the photograph from last year posted above. She was 2 + a 1/2 here and I remember being thrilled that she finally had just that much hair, since she had been pretty much bald up until then! Sometimes, when I think it is silly that I did {or still try to} fit in time for making these kinds of homemade creations, I'll have to remember to look at these photos or remember how wonderful it felt to see my littles running to get there apple bags for apple picking this year.{The Monks, 9.2009}

{The Fif, 9/2009}

{Baby Liam, 10/2009}

{...and me, 9.2009}

I swear, once you are a mama, the years seem to whizz by, because you are left only to observe your littles change dramatically from ages birth-8; helpless to do a thing to slow or stop it! However, whenever I think about these kinds projects we have created, the time we spent together in the process, the memories that were made + the traditions that were initiated; it makes me feel like I didn't only silently observe while my littles grew + changed. And although I have felt very distracted lately and have had alot on my plate {both emotionally + work wise}, today I am reminded to get back to basics + reprioritize. Because when we play and create as a family, I feel like time isn't whizzing by; infact I think, ever so subtly, time does slow down. Thanks for baring with me while I hop, skipped + jumped down memory lane with these photos from last year!

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. I love those bags! I have a ton of these quirky canvas bags that I wasnt sure what to do with. Now I know. Your ending paragraph brought tears to my eyes. You SO nailed it. Good job Mommy.

  2. Very cute idea! I think my little guy and I will make some for our trip next week :)

  3. @FranticMommy
    Thanks! Sometimes it can be hard to put things in just the right words...and other times, I just don't want to think about it at all...the littles growing so fast and whatnot.

    But the projects, photos and trips down memeory lane do help! :)

  4. I think blogging has actually amplified the speed at which the years seem to wizz on by. I scroll down, oh that was last year...jeeze, how did that happen?! Hope you are well. Love the apple bags!


  5. @Earth Mama
    LOL, yes, I can see where blogging would keep us on top of every little change! But I was thinking more of the time spent together as a family, doing projects and activities.

    I don't homeschool...and now I am working! It can seem like our days can just be movement after movement; with somewhere to be or something to do! When I look at the pictures of projects done, time slows...just as when we make the time to sit and play a game, the "whizzing stops" while we are all in that moment together.

    I've come to be even more grateful for this time, especially as my kiddos have gotten older and they have more activites of their own. I'm reminded to make as much family down time as possible happen whenever I can!
    Hope you are well too!

  6. What a lovely post! Those bags are great. My hubby always takes about a bazzilion photos and my girls never tire of strolling through old ones and re-discovering how they used to look (especially in my tummy)


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