Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A is for Apple

So the weekend before last, we went apple picking! Every year we apple pick in September...and every year it is wicked hot. While the bees + the blazing sun have become a bit of a tradition...we can always count on the weather being a bit more "fall like" when it is time for pumpkin picking in a couple of weeks from now... And I would remiss to not mention that this is also a certain someone's first apple picking adventure! He was such a good sport, riding in "the chariot", shaded from the sun. The Monk and Fif were so excited to show him all of the apples they picked, and to help him to taste his first orchard picked apple. Actually, I'm not sure how much it meant to them...but it is a memory that I will cherish forever.

And ofcourse, even though it is a little early in the season, there was no way I could resist a trip to the gourd table! I'm an autumn baby + I love all things "fall"...and I happen to think gourds are just the coolest + funkiest objects ever! Infact...I might just have a Gourd Day; like on a random friday, when everyone can post and leave a link to a picture of their gourds {lol...only gourds from the ground people, nothing risque'}. Which are your favourites? How do you decorate with them? Fun stuff like that.
For information on orchards to visit in your area, visit As for me, well I have a fun apple bag craft that I will post later this week...and a recipe or two. I was not kidding when I said I loved all things fall, and apple related paraphernalia + food are included in this! And if you have any fun apple projects or recipes, please do share!



  1. I saw this recipe on another blog, Paisley Petunia, and it looks pretty amazing.

  2. @Juli
    This does look good! I remember some friends, late night during the after hours diner days getting slices of apple pie with cheddar cheese melted on top...
    ah, the good old days when I could eat that at 2 am and not be cursing myself, wearing my "fat jeans" the next day!


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