Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh happy day!

Everyone always says that things, {often bad things} happen in three's. During the last couple of weeks my laptop crashed, my fairly new dishwasher began leaking + most recently, the valve on the kitchen faucet broke. Seriously.
I usually embrace the attitude that anything is possible, when you have the right equipment. Like, what's a little snow when you have 4 wheel drive? Or an impromtu event when you have the necessary staples in your wardrobe? It can be easy to take for granted how simple life can be when everything is operating smoothly...until suddenly things aren't moving smoothly + you are using a cup to fill the Brita water container from the bathroom sink.

But alas, in the middle of a rainy, yucky day in what looks like a rainy, yucky week, the universe smiled at me when Fed Ex knocked at my door to bring home my fixed laptop! Oh happy day! I had not heard a word since the old girl had been picked up + my heart raced as I opened the box to boot her up. It's alive! My fingers recognized the keyboard immediately...oh, to right click again! This post took just a few moments to type, only leaving the Fif enough time to grab one handful of spaghetti from last night's dinner to enjoy on the couch. Yeah, still no kithen sink...or dishwasher, but I am one step closer to "smooth". Life is good... although I think my mister will be a little sad to see our shiny borrowed mac go...


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