Monday, August 23, 2010


Trying to catch up on life via blog, last week I had thought that Monday, I might post on my busy, fun weekend, complete a with girls night pot luck + a belated birthday dinner for my mister...

Then life threw me a curve ball Thursday when myself + the in-laws entered into the brawl of all brawls, just minutes after arriving for John's birthday pizza night. Let's just say that my in-laws are a family therapist's worst nightmare. Basically, when the Monks told his cousin that "he was not allowed to be wild + run in the house", my mother in law accused me of using the word wild so that Tobin would repeat it; that we had somehow used him mas the middle man for calling his cousin wild. She obviously has way more time on her hands than I do. Long story short, when I addressed it, she began acting like a psycho {which is par for the course} + before I knew it everyone was yelling.
I'm usually the type to "take the high road" + while the part I played in said fiasco was not one of my finer moments, there was something kind of cathartic about being able to say some of the stuff that I said in the heat of the moment! I'm glad to say that things have sorted out a bit with other family members...but I still feel like I am in the eye of the storm, waiting for what hurricane mother in law is going to throw out next...

During all of the happy happenings this weekend, this drama still hung in my mind. This morning, I had no idea what to write about. No scratch that. I wanted to vent + type several posts worth of every detail of what had transpired, but I hated to start off the week in negative nelly mode... and that is when I saw this post from another blog I follow right at the top of my "reading list". It is about a friendship that this deer made through blogging + how she and her bud finally met in person! These two ladies seem like peas in a pod...and I hope if they do meet up in NJ someday, that I can come too!
I know I have said it before, but it is not always easy meeting new friends, especially girlfriends...especially when you are married + have littles. I love a happy ending + this happy little story just put the nicest spin on my morning. Sometimes, I will connect random events to help me make the choices I know I should make. I like to think that it was fate that I read this post + that it acted like an espresso shot of optimism. For now, I'm choosing not to think about the mother in law, how pissed off I was or what might be comming down the pike. I'm reminded that there is always a chance to adopt a better attitude, start a fresh new day or build a new friendship. And as doe or deer Jenn said, "it is worth it".


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