Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a feathered coiffure

When I was deciding what to wear to my best friends wedding a couple of weeks back I vacillated between a couple of outfits, but in the end, settled on the tried + true little black dress. I'm not sure if it is from wearing uniforms in catholic school all of my life or that I feel that my tattoos clash with certain colors + prints, but given the option, I will usually choose a more tailored style of clothing that is, well, a more subdued color.
But this was a non traditional wedding that called for "beach chic" attire. In the end, I went with the little black dress because I could not quite wrap my head around the exact right outfit and as a rule of thumb, would rather be overdressed than under dressed. Knowing that it could quite possible be wicked hot and/ or windy as could be on the pier, an updo was the way to go. I paid a bit of a homage to my bff by including her favourite color, purple, in my hair arrangement.

I had bought these great little clips + two black feathered patches on Etsy for less than $10. I picked up the branch of purple leaves in the floral section of the craft store. Initially, I was going to hot glue them all to a headband, but then I realized that wearing a headband and sunglasses would not be very comfy for my noggin. Instead I used clips and was able to place the one feathered patch exactly where I needed it. Then I glues together little trios of leaves to scatter here + there in the updo. What can I say...such a fun way to dress up a more traditional outfit!

FYI: Day III of rain with III littles in house. Dear God, let the sunshine come back soon!


  1. I love your hair! I wound up cutting mine short because I was so lousy at updoing it. The feathers and leaves are really cool.

  2. @hook and needle
    For future updo's, the trick is to use a curling iron and hairspray first, then your hair will do whatever you tell it to do! I just grabbed pieces and bobby pinned then up away from my face + added a twist for the pieces taht were longer; nothing fancy...but that was where the feather + leaves really helped!

  3. Really cute and funky! You pull a do together so nicely... wish I had skills (Me and curling irons just never get along, lol)


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