Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It has been way too long now since I have sat down to the computer to type a "real" post; my last couple were in progress and with a bit of patience, I was able to publish them via itouch. I had butterflies in my stomach last night, brimming with excitement about being able to write and catch up on reading some of my favourite blogs, but alas, this has not quite been the case this morning...

This borrowed computer is not the brand that I had been using + everything is so frustratingly different! From the way the screen displays, to the programs; even the keyboard feels different under my fingers {so please, let me apologize for any errors in advance}. Typing this post and tweaking my photograph seemed to take so much more effort than with my old computer + while I am commited to navigationg my way through this brave new world...well, lets just say I hope my old computer is returned to me sooner than later!

As I sat in my frustration this morning, I could not help but think how difficult it must be for older folks to make sense of this technological and ever changing world. If I can be so inconvenienced by a simple change in the compouter I am used to, imagine how others must feel? My mum can recall her father bringing home their first black + white television, and at the moment I am feeling rather badly about the times I have been inpatient with her when she has asked me which of our several remote controls she should use. Imagine how overwhelmed those of the baby boomer generation must feel when they find themselves unemployed and are suddenly faced with the prospect of returning to school + begining a new carreer?

I suppose I could go on + on. Being faced with this inconvenient little change made me think about how fourtunate I am to have so many things go smoothly in my life. While our life is not without it's hurdles, we have so much to be grateful for! I can buy food + clothing; I have appliances that work, a roof that does not leak and my husband gets a paycheck each week. Becasue I do not have to worry about these basic needs, I am able to bring my children to the ocean + the woods, to read books, to write letters, to bake bread. I am so happy to be able to incorporate parts of my grandparent's world into our lives today; and when the world seems ever changing, my littles will have a knowledge of those simplier things; the predictable parts of life that keep us anchored. So today, instead of being carried away by my frustration, I will let it go for another day. I will listen to the rain, bake something delicious + play with my kiddos. I will be more patient with those who are more out of there element than I + be try to be grateful for the inconvenience that got me a thinkin' about what a lucky girl I really am.


  1. I love this post. I think we all need to reflect once in a while and be grateful. And, I'll be a little more patient the next time my mom can't work our television ;0)

  2. Lol, sorry alison..I am a mac person! Glad you got your computer back safe and sound.


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