Wednesday, July 7, 2010

thou shall not wear bangs

{a rant}
There has been so much going on over the last few months and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed writing about it, receiving comments +collecting friends {... followers is such a silly word}. When I can, I have also been doing a bit of networking myself; reading other blogs, posting comments and the like. You see, I write about alot of different things here; mostly related to being a mama, but occassionally I throw in some other things that have to do with fashion, movies, books +art...things I focused more on pre-family of 5. I wanted to see if there were other blogs that were more like mine, so I began perusing through some of the really hip blogs, that focused on fashion, movies, books +art. And then I noticed something...
Every blog author had bangs. You know, those really great, thick bangs. And they were skinny. One blogger had photographed herself in the most beautiful white vintage blouse {sigh}...another had some photos posted with some items she had thrifted that also showed bits of what was likely her apartment in the background. It was all very hip. {sigh}
I looked + sighed, but suddenly began to laugh. I had a vision of myself {not so skinny}, wearing that beautiful white vintage blouse and suddenly the Fif is running toward me, covered head to toe in blue chalk. She is being the can imagine the rest. Then I thought of that beautiful, hip apartment. I chucked when I thought of what might happen to that magazine rack with some children added into the mix. Then I wondered how that same room would look with toys all over the place... more chuckling.
************** Thrifting is not always an easy weekend task as my mister works most Saturdays. I remember a time {pre children} when I would refinsh a cool piece of furniture I had thrifted at midnight {likely while smoking a cigarette}, without a second thought about the smell of the paint, the carcinogens I was inhaling or how early I would be waking the next morning. And as much as I would like to blame it on having had babies + to say that in another life I was super thin...not true. When God made me, sure he gave me my father's narrow hips and thin legs, but I also got his mother's propensity for a large chest and love handles. That beautiful white blouse is probably not the best choice for me.
Last but not least, the hair. Thick + wavy. God also said when he made me, "Thou shall not ever, EVER wear bangs". I covet them though. That is the entire reason for this post. I don't mind my bit of baby weight I'd still like to loose + from time to time, I will brave wearing white, even with little ones. I still manage to find thrifting time...and furniture refinishing time {no smoking, please}. And I happen to like the wooden toys we have and think they look nice in my house.
Perhaps it is best that there is no one else just like me out there in the land of blog? I have yet to meet anyone just like myself in the real world either, but being unique is what makes the world an interesting place, right? I like being versatile with many interests but also congruent, if that makes any sense? I do hope to continue making friends and reading your posts as I keep clicking along...all the while secretly resisting the urge to cut bangs. Thanks for hearing my nonsensical rant.


  1. I can't do bangs either. Which is okay by me... I wore them in elementary school and I can't seem to make the leap that there are Adult Bangs in the world.

    I envy you your grandmother's bosom, though. When I was pregnant, I was delightedly filling out a B cup. Now, I still wear the size B, but they just sort of lay in the bottoms of the cup like depressed therapy patients.

  2. Meh. I tried bangs. Didn't look so great. I have those really curly yet thin air... And styling them is something I've never learned to do!

    As I'm 8 month done pretty much any task is impossible right now... So no thrifting (my feet get SO sore!) and not painting whatsoever!

    Everyone's unique...That what they thaught me in kindergarten ;) But I'm glad to see another blogging mama with tattoos!

  3. I don't really do bangs either - I've got such a cowlick in the front...

    ...blogs are funny that way though - they're such selective pieces of life...

  4. I've often wished that I could be one of those people that look great without bangs. I am the kind of person that looks horrible without bangs. Big forehead or something. Not like Tyra though.

  5. haha! i can't do bangs either! so i see a cut i like, and think - what would that look like with long, grown-out bangs? hmmmmm.

    (and i have a tatoo on my foot . . . )

    have you checked out
    she is not super thin, nor does she wear bangs, but she is oh-so-fashionable and fun! :)

  6. Thanks everyone...true bangs aren't everything...but why do they have to look so darn good on people?

    Yes my dears, I am a huge Black Apple fan, Emily is such an inspiration! Yeah, I dig being me...I'll confess, I'm not a big fan of sweat and I think I am really starting to crave being able to wear some of the wonderful (and So flattering) ensembles of autumn!

  7. I love this...bangs come and go but being who you are is the best!!


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