Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spick + Span

So here is the fun little book I came accross the weekend before last. Published circa 1939, the binding reads Safe and Healthy Living and at first I thought it may have been part of a series of books. This is actually one of two books, the second being The Health Parade {I would love to get my hands on that book!} Upon further investigation, I saw that the book is actually broken into Units, each of them addressing various aspects of a child's life, such as school, keeping well, taking care of eyes, nose, ears + teeth, and careful children at home.

The illustrations are simple + sweet. It is telling of the time that in the illustrations where the children appear to be in school or are asking an adult some question, they are always speaking to a woman figure. I particularly like the list: Happy + Healthy Children Eat + Drink Good Things,which includes things like drinking 4 glasses of milk a day and that happy +healthy children like brown cereals, eat their meat and potatoes for dinner + take cod liver oil! Ugh. I used to do the liquid flax seed was not exactly easy, but I was a committed vegan back when!

Just a fun little something I thought you might enjoy!


  1. No cod liver oil or fax seed oil for me, but when I was pregnant I took fish oil capsules twice a day. Oh retch, how horrible they were. I would store them in the freezer because it killed that initial taste, but then sometime around 3 PM, I'd burp and it would be nothing but nasty fishness. Ugh.

    I have a book that is based on that style, only written for a modern audience called Mind Your Manners Dick and Jane.

  2. How cute. It's so fun to have glimpses back into a time when things really appeared more simple. :)


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