Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a wonderland

Although I'm sure it is clear, I'm a bit of an Alice in Wonderland fan...and of Lewis Carroll in general. So often when I see something I like in regards to art work or home decoration, I have found that there is usually a certain wonderland-esque offness to it that catches my eye. Or atleast that was true in this case when I saw a photograph of a wall decorated with many empty picture frames, all painted the same color. I had been looking for something to do in the Fif's room and this bit of inspiration reminded me so much of Alice falling down the rabbit hole into wonderland. This was what I came up with for my frames...and while I was at it, I thought a bit of wonderland would do nicely on the other bare walls...something to tie the room together...
This should help to make sense of the mushroom I was drawing on the wall in my {a moment} a couple of weeks ago. A bit after that, I spent a really hot afternoon in the air conditioning painting that mushroom. The kids colored while I worked and sang merry little tunes. And so while I had zip i dee doo dah stuck in my head for the rest of the day, atleast it kept most of the quarrels at bay. And incase you were still unsure about whether this was wonderland {...I cheated}, I ordered some adhesive wording. I thought these were fun choices for phrases. And now we have a room! I think, perhaps the use of non traditional, more neutral colors will help the decor be a bit more timeless than the alternative.

So after an afternoon of painting, I squeezed the tiniest of my babes and said, "thank you for being so patient with me today while I painted!" We spent the rest of the evening snuggling and every now and then we would take a walk down the hall to the Fif's room to admire my handy work...humming, zip i dee doo dah, zip i dee ay...


  1. What a cute idea for a room!

  2. Gorgeous idea! It looks really great!

    Love the empty picture frames, I've been thinking about something similar for a while. i keep seeing over the top picture frames at my local flea market and wondering if I could just put them on the wall empty! They look awesome!

  3. Oh, I am jealous of you for having such good frame finds at flea markets! I've changed up our wall hangings quite a bit over the years and have a buch of frames. The glass didn't always survive the storage, but I thought this was a really good use for the outer frame. I'm hoping to find a few smaller frames to fill in some of the bigger spaces...

    I would pick up those frames!!

  4. Wow I am absolutely jealous. Such great ideas. I love it! Can't wait 'til my 10 month old has a room of her own so we can decorate!

  5. I love the idea and I think that it looks great! I've just signed a lease for a new apartment and I am so excited about decorating. My last place was so, so tiny!

  6. I was just thinking that the painted picute frames would be a tice way of adding color in a rented home as then you would not have to paint the walls if you did not want to, or if it was not allowed?

    If anyone decides to give it a go, copy a link with your comment after it is done, I'd love to see.
    Thanks for all of your sweet comments!


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