Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the ballet

I don't usually post twice in a day, although this is now the second time this week I have done it! I just could not resist sharing the wonderful night I had last night with my father seeing a performance by the American Ballet Theatre at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center in NYC. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Pomodoro Rosso, followed by a speedy stop in the famed Magnolia Bakery... Having lost track of time with dinner and conversation, we all but ran back to Lincoln Center! {I brought my Magnolia cupcakes in with me, hoping that the deliciousness would not waft onto the stage and distract the dancers!} The dancers performed a repitiore: a selection from each of three different performances. It was incredibly beautiful; I never cease to be amazed at how dancers make what is incredibly difficult to do, appear effortless. When I arrived home, my feet looked a bit like a dancers from our speed walking around the city and my hands were slightly numb from all of the clapping I did. Perhaps next time, I will cheer Bravo! I went to sleep, excited to tell John + my little ones all about my evening, over a breakfast of cupcakes.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful night. I love the beautiful, antique look of your blog.

  2. Mmmmmm, cupcakes for breakfast... now you're making me hungry!

  3. That sounds like such a grand time! And those cupcakes!!! Mmmm...


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