Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last week, John and I had a "date night" to visit our friend Tom Yak {Electric Tattoo} and have a bit of tattoo work done. You see, after the Fif's first birthday {circa 2008}, I had this lovely lady and her 2 merbabies tattooed on my rib. {um, OUCH!} I had thought that we were done having babies then and I have to say I had done a darn good job at knocking off the baby weight...
So two years and a baby Liam {5 months old} later, I have this appointment to add a 3rd merbaby to the rib. The idea of how uncomfortable it would be was only surmounted by how much I did not want to be in a tattoo shop full of cool folks with my "I- just-had-my-3rd-baby" belly hanging out. So I chickened out.
I added Liam's name, some fun traditional style stars and dots...and this little fella.
Ah, the truth is that most of those "cool folks" are friends we have known for years and I really would not have needed to feel embarassed. At some point I might add that 3rd merbaby, however, here is a little known fact about tattoo work...it is work! Or atleast a commitment. I really love visiting the shop though. There is such a interesting history surrounding the "electric tattoo" days of old. While I don't have any plans for any more work, paying a visit is kind of like going to an art gallery as much of the flash on the walls are original works by some of the most famous artists ever to hold a machine.
Chicken? Yes, but a happy chicken.


  1. I absolutely love old school tattoo art; in the Sailor Jerry vein. Your mermaid & merbabies remind of that type of art. I am duly impressed that you had that done on your ribcage! yeowch!
    p.s. I adore the jackalope (at least I think that's what that cute bunny baby is?)!

  2. I had been hoping to see some of your tattoos on here! Thanks for sharing. I have a 5 1/2 mo babe, so I hear you about the belly... : )

  3. love it! So cute. I just got a tattoo for my little girl, and I've totally chickened out on going back for the color. I've just been telling myself I have enough color tattoos, so some black and grey ones are refreshing! But man, I swear the older I get, the more it seems to hurt.


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