Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a touch of paint

It has been about three years since we rennovated our home. At first, hanging just one picture was a huge deal; a commitment. I suppose after living in such tight quaters during the construction, having such a wide open space with blank vanilla bean colored walls was what we were craving. Little by little though, our space was transformed in a way that truly reflected our family.

A few weeks ago, I was tossing around the idea of doing some painting. You see, of all the pictures, mirrors and other acccessories that have been added or packed away, the one thing that has not changed in three years was the vanilla bean colored walls. It seemed like fate that just as I was pondering taking this leap with paint, I had gone to visit my cousin's new photography studio where she had just done some painting herself. I was immediately smitten with this beautiful color, so much so that I impulsively stopped at the hardware store to pick up the paint on my way home from the visit!

Impulsive? Perhaps. Beautiful? Yes, it certainly is! John and myself painted 3 accent walls {odd numbers are quite good for these things}, and chose to leave one of the three only 3/4 painted so as to add a chair rail. We put up a modge podge of different prints and photographs; some new and some old. Isn't it a wonderful thing how when you buy items that speak to your heart, they all randomly seem to work so perfectly together? I received many a compliment on my paint choice and how nice it looked with the art work we hung at the party this weekend...you know, I quite agree!


  1. It came out really beautiful! Love the color.


  2. Oh my goodness, I ADORE that colour!

    My friend just painted her entrance hall a similar colour too. I wish I'd painted when we first moved in, but now we only have a year left here so it's not really worth it as it's a rental and we'd have to paint over it before we left. Definitely going to paint some accent walls in my next house though!

    Thanks for the visit over at Bumbles & light by the way :)


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