Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a mama bag

This was my mama's day gift. I had been browsing Etsy for a little something to carry around the bare essentials of "mama things" and came accross this little number. I was a wee bit skeptical about pulling it off...but it was really cute...and practical!!

You see, while all of our children have been born at "standard" weights {7 1/2-8lbs}, once they are out, they grow like crazy! By the time my sweet baby Liam-b was 4 months old, I was begining to struggle a bit while carrying him in the infant car seat. The weather was warming and he was just the sturdiest little thing. Eventually, it became easier to pop him out of the seat and carry him! But what to do with all of that baby loot?

This has to be one of the toughest part about having a new baby: all the STUFF! Prior to having children, I would carry the smallest little clutch possible, however any mama knows how fast that changes. I had gotten used to not carrying a large bag before baby Liam-b had arrived, and was surely not enjoying lugging it about for the smaller stops I needed to make.
Now I have this fun little fanny pack type thing! I love the way it looks kind of bustle-esque with the ruffles, and it does wonderful double duty as an over the shoulder bas as well if I'm not in the fanny pack kind of mood! It has just enough room for some money, a bottle, phone, keys and some wipes. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying having this little gem for hoping out of the car for school pick up or for a quick trip to the library!

SO the question is: Are you brave {or nutty} enough for the fanny pack?


  1. LOVE it! You're definitely pulling it off!

  2. That's cute, I like it!

    ps: You got a new follower :)


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